In learning to build, I’ve learned to overcome lousy excuses that always kept me from beginning a projects. I’ve learned to surpass obstacles, and turn them into opportunities. I also learned that this was an area I wanted to invest in and grow. So then, I decided to put a name on it.

Introducing, Lady Lumber.



Learning to build all began with endless pins on Pinterest of projects that I wanted to try but hadn’t taken the time to actually begin. I had countless pins of projects I thought were interesting but the chances of actually attempting them were slim. Just like everyone else these days, I had convinced myself I was ‘too busy’ for any of that; but contrary to that conviction, I could spend endless hours on Pinterest pinning projects that I had already convinced myself I would never actually have the time to undertake.

What’s that Gretzky quote? ‘You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.’

Well that’s kind of what Pinterest is in a nutshell for most people and certainly what the website meant for me. Hundreds of pins of things I would never take the time to try. Then one day, I decided to stop the cycle, and begin.

Here I am, spending less time pinning and more time building. I began this blog to share my experiences and projects with those who are interested.

💜 🔨







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