One Person’s Trash…

The universe aligned for this spontaneous project. I almost always ask my husband to take the garbage to the dumpster. This past Saturday, he was sleeping off a night shift and I had the pleasure of doing the trash chore. It’s not a big deal, but if I can get out of it, I usually will. Well, in this case, I am so happy it was me that Saturday or I wouldn’t even have this blog post.

I opened up that hatch to throw out in my bags and had to do a double take, right on top was a fold-up wooden table staring me right in the face. Now, I am not about to climb in and find treasure but if it’s sitting on top, untouched, I’m not above throwing it on the back of the truck to take home.

I found this sweet little table, the legs fold in and it was pretty rough but it had some charm left in it. A cleaning and a little paint and it would be perfect to add to a kitchen or hallway for character. Unfortunately, I tried placing it in all the nooks and cranny’s in our home, but we simply don’t have a sweet spot for it – so, some lucky shopper will soon get to reap the benefits of my find – but that’s fine by me!

I decided to do a layered chippy paint finish on this sweet little table. The tutorial can be found in my previous blog post Obsessed with Distressed.

Here are some before and afters for your viewing pleasure.



2 thoughts on “One Person’s Trash…

  1. Beautiful, you have a gift of seeing charm, purpose and beauty in so many things others would look at as no longer wanted, useful or needed! You are always surprising me with your eye for a dimond in the rough and ability to transform it in to a wonderful treasure!


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