Meet your master: Introducing the Kreg Jig

One of the first tools I bought when I started building was this little Kreg Jig. This is completely necessary when building furniture – it enables you to join pieces together without any visible screws. All of the plans I use or have wrote for myself, require this guy. If you’re not committed to buying the larger system like the Kreg K4 or K5 (which is what I use), you can begin with the Kreg Jig Mini and a clamp and drill one pocket hole at a time – this is how I started and although it’s time consuming …it does the job. There are also special screws called pocket hole screws (or PH Screws) that are made for this jig system and can’t be substituted. This may all sound complicated to any beginner so I have included a link to a video tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic that explains the whole concept.

For locals following this post, you can pick up the small jig at Boyd Bros. Home Hardware and you can pick up the Pocket hole Screws at Keith’s Building Supplies.

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