DIY Wood Plank Sign

I’m really excited about this piece … it’s my first piece since I have started the blog so I have managed to document it in anticipation that I would share the project with those of you who may want to attempt it.

I was lucky to find this frame at a yardsale this past spring, for a whopping $5.00. I brought it home among a truckload of other pieces I found that day (let me mention this truckload cost me under $100!!). I didn’t have a plan for any of the items I bought that day, but I’ll be honest – I rarely have a plan! I saw this frame and just knew I could do something with it.

So I am getting married this September, and a lot of my projects lately have been focused on that. The inspiration for this one began with this sign I saw on Pinterest:


I think this one was made from plywood, but since I don’t like using the table saw without any help, I decided to use scrap 1x pine that I had left over from other projects and for character, I included a piece of driftwood from my beach combing collection. I used a few different sizes and found a mix of sizes that fit nicely in the frame together, and then I cut them to the correct length. I drilled the pocket holes on each piece and then I stained them all different shades to make them look like pallet planks. After drying, I put all the boards back into place in the frame and screwed them together.


Okay, so I got that much done, and then it was time to decide whether to paint or wood burn the lettering. I decided to wood burn it because I prefer that over painting but the next step is the same either way.

I printed out my graphic and then attached it to the front like below:


Here is where it gets a little tedious and the hand cramps make their way in – but… it goes pretty quickly so stick with it. Trace your lettering with a black ball point pen (it’s best to have black, that way if the ink bleeds it doesn’t bleed colour – but the BEST option is to find a pen that is dry of ink). After tracing the lettering, peek underneath and make sure you can clearly see the outline.

Next, either use a wood burner (get used to using one on scrap pieces first) and wood burn the text or if you choose to paint, use a small detail paint brush and follow your lines.

You can purchase a Wood Burner on Amazon for around $20.

Here is a photo of the end result:


💜 🔨


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