Need it, Want it, Build it.

I blame Pinterest for my incredible list of wants and needs (okay, they are mostly wants that I convince myself I “NEED”). Pinterest makes we want for things that I didn’t even know existed!

With the want list getting longer and longer and the bank account not getting any bigger (boo!), I took it upon myself to make it happen. We moved into a new house and had Walmart special furniture that I hated, and wasn’t prepared to go buy all new furniture as there were always more important things. My very first build was a small console table from plans that I found on Ana White‘s blog. I was tackling the project solo and was not quite sure what I was getting into. But, as my Dad always told me, “You can do anything you put your mind to”. SO, with sincere determination, I printed the plans and made a list.

For tools, the project only required a miter saw and a brad nailer, I had access to both…good start. I went to the hardware store and purchased the wood required – this was a learning experience as well. The types of wood available and what sizes they could be purchased in. Always say premium and check for knots, cracks, and most importantly, check the lumber to make sure it is straight. I went home and slowly worked through the cuts and sanding each piece and then attaching the pieces together and out came an actual table.



I did it, I built my very first table. And that was the beginning, soon after we had a new coffee table, end tables, a refinished dining table, a custom made vanity, and so much more. If this spikes your curiosity, or you need proof, everything can be viewed in the gallery.


💜 🔨



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