Finishing Touches

So if you get past the building stage, that’s fantastic. Now what? There are so many options when it comes to finishing a project. How to get a smooth finish? Stain or paint or both? Varnish is a must since it is a protectant, but satin or shine? To distress or not to distress? How many coats?

Personally, this is the part I get most excited for, but the part of the project that I have the hardest time with. Since there are so many options, there are many opportunities for what your project can become. Those who know me, know that I gravitate towards natural colours – browns, whites, creams, grays, etc. Along with the natural shades, I like my stains… there are so may to choose from and on top of that, you can mix them, add water for a washed out look, white wash a dark stain for a more distressed look – there are endless options. It’s always a good idea in the beginning to try a few ideas on scrap wood before committing to  a finish – although, I am guilty for just starting and hoping it turns out – usually it does, so just do it your way and enjoy the process.

Building a project can be done in mere hours, but the finishing takes days…and that’s tough! I hate waiting, but it pays off. You really have to follow curing times of each coat/layer of finish. Take your time and sand in between painting or top coats and your results will prove your patience.

This is definitely a learning experience, it takes the most time and patience but this is where you can personalize each build and make your projects stand out.

💜 🔨


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