Tools, tools, tools

Okay, so when I began this journey, I knew tools like my fiancé knows cosmetics…mascara goes where? I soon learned all about tools and even began using them without supervision … I started a little collection of tools that are vital for each build.

First, I received my Dewalt drill and driver kit. With the projects I tackle, it is especially helpful to have a drill for pocket holes – talk about that later – and a driver ready for screws.


Next, I needed a kreg jig. I had a small one hole jig that was great at first but soon became a royal pain and upgraded to the Kreg jig K4. This is probably the most important thing I own. Let me also mention that this tool requires specific screws called pocket hole screws and they are usually harder to find than the jig itself. This system enables you to hide the screws that hold together your projects.


Other key tools include, a miter saw, palm sander, and a brad nailer. If you have these tools, let the building begin!


💜 🔨


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